I’m so excited you decided to join me for this life changing program. There is a whole series of videos, and each of them is going to teach you different techniques from Tantra. Whether you seek to tap into your sexual energy, heal trauma from your past, have multiple orgasms, want to attract the right partner, or even strengthen your Kegel Muscles after childbirth, these ancient practices are here to help.

The milking exercise explained in this video is what you will do throughout the entire 7 weeks for at least 5-15 minutes every day. As explained in the video, you can start doing the milking technique with no tools, or you can use a Pleasure Wand or Jade Egg (you can purchase quality Jade Eggs/Wands from my website) to tighten the pelvic floor for longer, for stronger orgasms, to become more sensitized and build your sexual energy which is your life force energy. 

You don’t need to have any of the tools to start the program, just begin by squeezing and visualizing.  Some women never feel comfortable inserting anything, this is fine – squeezing and visualizing can do wonders as well.

SPECIAL NOTE: Pay attention to the breathing, that’s what makes this so different from any other Kegel exercise.  The tantric Jade Egg milking technique goes much further in a mind body connection because of the special breath work used in tandem with the milking Kegel squeezes.

 The illustration below shows you where the PC muscles are, which are the muscles you will be contracting with the milking technique.

image of pelvis.jpg

For the duration of the program, you will be focusing on one Sankalpa. A Sankalpa is your intention. What do you want? What do you want in your life right now? You will pick your intention. Make it concise. You will say your Sankalpa at the beginning and the end of your practice. 

How the 7 weeks will roll out: 

  1. Silent mediation to drop into your beautiful temple
  2. Say your Sankalpa out loud three times. 
  3. Do the Power Breath (in a separate video on day one) for 1-3 minutes. 
  4. For week one and week three you'll then lye down and do the milking practice while doing the Bliss Breath (in a separate video on day one). You will be using a Jade Egg or Wand of your choice for the milking practice. We will not be doing the milking practice for week two. However, if you want to do it, it's optional. For week two, after doing silent meditation, saying your Sankalpa 3 times, and doing the Power Breath, you will be combining the Movements Of Arousal (in a separate video for week 2) with the 4 Breathing Techniques. 
  5. After doing the milking practice (week 1 & 3) or movements of arousal combined with breathing techniques (week 2), you will sit back up and again say your Sankalpa 3 times.
  6. Close your practice


Welcome, and, may you know just how beautiful you are!