• Become magnetic (it happens fast, so you better be ready to receive your dreams!)
  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Balances your hormones
  • regular menstrural cycle
  • strengthen pelvic floor
  • gain confidence
  • Increases the release of endorphins and serotonin, feel happier baby!
  • Reverses aging
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases your level of self trust–when you can trust yourself, you can trust others because you know that you can make the right decision.
  • Strengthens healthy boundaries
  • Increases creativity
  • Helps you get in touch with your life’s purpose
  • Increases gratitude and improves attitude
  • You get the feeling like you are one with the world
  • You stop giving a shit what other people think of you
  • You start loving your gorgeous self more and more
  • Discover latent talents
  • Remove blocks to money, love, and true freedom
  • Heal sexual trauma
  • Release old lovers energy from the most sacred part of you, your vagina (their energy gets stuck there)
  • Increases your quality of life by increasing your ability to sense the amazing things around you
  • Helps you feel connected in a loving way to friends, family, lovers, strangers, cats, dogs, trees, flowers, air and everything around you. You feel connected to your life.


The Jade egg is inserted into your vagina in a loving, honoring, gentle way. Then you do simple exercises to build up your sexual energy. Your sexual energy is your life force and your creative energy, thats why it feels so bad to be cut off from it. The exercises are not hard and anyone can do them. They are a combination of muscle squeezing, breathe, body movement and attention. What you put your attention on during these exercises is very important. For me these practices were nothing short of a massive spiritual awakening and thats what I guide you toward when I teach you these exercises. The practices release energy that is not yours from this sacred place. So old lovers can be released, trauma from sexual violation or trauma from childbirth. Anything that is not you is released. 

The Jade Egg activates the nerves in your vagina which have not previously been "on-line".

With this practice you literally turn your self on. Pun intended.  With all of your nerves fully activated, you now feel more alert, more alive, more interested in what is happening around you; you are more receptive and more able to take action.

Your life becomes more powerful, but not in a traditional way, you are more powerful because you are more fully YOU.