Yoni Crystals

Yoni Crystals have been used by women for centuries to cultivate vitality, youthfulness, creativity and sensual/sexual bliss. Now, Yoni Crystals and its practices are being adopted more and more by the modern woman and they are tapping into this ancient secret to supercharge their life-force/energy/chi and sexual vitality. 

Yoni Crystals help to build strength in the vagina so that she can experience deep cervical orgasms, repair after uterine prolapse and after pregnancy, cultivate juciness during and long after menopause, heal sexual trauma, and help you to tap into the female body and the energies that define us as WOMAN, and much much more magic!

The Yoni Crystals have been sourced direct from mines in Canada, Madagascar and Mexico and are quality controlled to make sure they have no oils, dyes or chemicals. Yoni Crystals ensures that the miners are treated well and paid fairly. In addition, the beautiful packaging of all the Yoni Crystal's accessories are produced in Bali and made from natural, organic, vegan material.

When you invest in your Yoni Crystals, you are supporting womb-wellness worldwide as 1 % of the profits are donated to charities that support women suffering from sexual trauma and oppression. 



Check out these beautiful Yoni Crystals! Each one has its own special vibrational quality. For more information, please connect with me. I would love to hear from you.