“My primary goal was to learn about my past patterns in relationships. Jennnevieve really guided me through that process.The important work begins with an understanding of the goals you wish to accomplish. Jennevieve became valuable in that she was completely objective in providing resources and feedback.  She identified the work that was necessary to accomplish that goal and so much more….she was able to leave me with a list of questions at the end of our sessions that pushed me to think through carefully during my time alone.  Her work has helped me understand my past patterns. The rest of the work is up to me to see warning signs and walk away from unhealthy relationships.  Jennevieve is very gentle and thoughtful.  She was well prepared and it was an enjoyable experience that I looked forward to every two weeks for three months. Thank you Jennevieve.”
— -Diane Verkuylen, Wisconsin
“Jennevieve creates an atmosphere of trust and compassion entering into a subject tinged with shame and emotional blockages. She gave me tools to use for accessing my blocks, my centers and riding the Eros river.”
— -Kevin, Santa Cruz, CA
“When I saw Jennevieve I wasn’t sure what to expect with EFT Tapping and what it could do for me.
I was pleasantly surprised how fast EFT tapping connected to one of my personal challenges on a deeper level. I really felt a shift quicker then having several therapy sessions. I really enjoyed working with her. She was so grounded, supportive, and comfortable to speak too. She made it easy and safe for me to express things I would not normally express in a healing or therapy session. I would definitely see her again and i would definitely recommend this for other people to heal and be the best version of themselves in life. Thank you so much !
— Mhairi S., Union City
“Jennevieve is amazing, I’ve taken some of her yoga classes and loved her teaching. Recently I had the pleasure of having a EFT session with her and I was so amazed at how quickly, efficiently, and easily I experienced change around some dark thought loops that I had been trapped in. I’m a health practitioner and have done many alternative therapies and treatments, and this was one of my best experiences. Excited to book again with her to explore more!!
— -Jazzy F, Berkeley
  “Jennevieve knows how to make a sister feel at ease. She helped me work through emotional and physical pain associated with my issue, asking all the right questions to get to the heart of the issue. Her somatic therapeutic approach was just what I needed. I would recommend her help for women dealing with chronic pain in the pelvic floor and the emotions that surround that. She can help you understand your body to help you take care of yourself.”

— -Stina DiSilva, Berkely, CA
“Jennevieve is knowledgable, comfortable and open. She helped me feel comfortable and normal talking about my feelings and emotions and my own sexuality. I feel more connected to myself after working with her.”
— -Laura Cheney, Monterrey, CA
 “I have felt disconnected and stagnant. I realized that embodying the feminine and having a real, authentic connection with it is both empowering and connecting for myself, but also in the way I relate with others. I learned amazing tools toward nurturing that channel. Thanks Jennevieve”
— -Leslie Nitake, Hawaii
“I am not used to being in this situation but Jennevieve made me comfortable to open, talk and discuss myself.” -
— Kristin Butler, CA
~  “I love her great work and mission. I very much needed and hope to continue with more feminine work.”
— -Deeann Mooney, Monterrey, CA
“Jennevieve holds a safe space to be open, curious and learn. She is super supportive and informative. She is a sexual goddess who holds the space for women to be fully in their power and yoni.”
— -Barbara Trask, Monterrey, CA
“I am so grateful to have found Jennevieve. In just a short period of time, she has helped me to identify patterns that I have done my whole life and never made the connection. I have been in “therapy” a few times in my life- only resulting in frustration. Jennevieve is truly insightful and her wisdom has helped me to identify and move through blocks I didn’t even know I had! I feel Jennevieve emits genuine concern for my heart and soul and well-being. I am blessed to have found her and you will be blessed too! I now truly believe the second half of my life will be full of peace, love and joy.”
— -Marie Morales, New York
  “Jennevieve’s work has allowed me to truly explore my sexuality. I now embrace my confidence and beauty and know that I can attract my life partner that I can connect with on all levels: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and sexually.”
— -Tanya Kailath, San Jose, CA
“Jennevieve is an incredible inspiration for women. She helps you to unlock certain areas in yourself, and open up to your radiant gifts as a woman, being, and to your own love. Her work is really powerful in this way. It’s a special experience, unlike any I have had before. It’s rooted in love, in opening and in learning to love yourself even deeper. Working with Jennevieve was an incredible experience. Her affirmations, her video tutorials, her support, is so special. She helps you find new ways of seeing yourself, new ways of opening to your own love and new ways of loving yourself. She is motivating, empowering and the tools she helped me access are so valuable. I am incredibly thankful for her work. Thank you Jennevieve!”
— -Joslyn, Oakland, CA
“I really enjoyed working with Jennevieve this year. She helped me begin to reclaim my unique feminine power, while still nurturing my softer inner child. I loved the exercises we did each week, as they all built on one another and expanded my awareness of areas that I wanted to improve. Since working with her, I have begun to own my feminine voice and open my throat chakra, in everyday life as well as in my romantic life. I’m definitely inspired by Jennevieve’s strong presence, and ability to help other women become better versions of themselves. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking continued self growth!”
— - Marissa, Oakland
“Jennevieve is deeply compassionate, fearless about hard psychological truths, and fully awake to eros with all of its power in our lives. She also knows how to create the space for others to awaken that in themselves.

I participated in Jennevieve’s month long group program on Cultivating the Sacred Feminine which provided a supportive daily context for inviting eros to our lives. The program culminated in an afternoon group retreat which felt safe, intimate, and empowering.

After completing that program with Jennevieve, I signed on for personal work with her to deepen myself in this area. Despite the difficulties of working with me in this context, Jennevieve proved flexible, sensitive, steadfast, and highly skilled. She is truly a masterful guide for the journey in. I highly recommend her as a therapist, life coach, and teacher. With much gratitude and appreciation for her gifts.”
— Elissa B, Oakland
“Jennevieve is very knowledgeable, easygoing, and a true professional. The first time we met it was almost like I was practicing for a date. Our phone meetings felt very personal and Jennevieve directed me to better understand myself and the ideal relationship that would work for me. There were many discoveries along the way! I have gone through a couple of relationships while working with Jennevieve. She provided me with great tools and when I did not follow them, I developed a false sense of connection with a man who was not a good match. I would highly recommend working with Jennevieve to help you with your relationship and love. Her personal touch and support helped me build confidence and consider possibilities I never considered before I was in a situation with a man. I felt well prepared for all of the interactions that take place during dating. She helped me understand men and dating. Also, our times together felt fun, even though important work was done. She is an expert and provided me with the tools needed not just to meet a good man, but in life in general.”
— -Lana Jaber, San Francisco, CA
“While many of us eventually learn that relationship success truly comes from a healthy relationship to self, cultivating an ongoing effective dialogue to examine my truth was what I believed I needed the most support with. Jennevieve provided a delicious and dynamic process in the safest of containers to explore choices, values, and next-steps. As a mirror and witness, we engaged in excavating hopes, dreams, and choices which has helped me gain deeper insight and understanding of my connections and choices. Her ability to help cultivate a 360-degree inventory and subsequent navigation into my personal process, progress, including my identifying how deficiencies, strengths, and old stories serve and drive (or don’t serve/drive) me. This this, we explored that which I could consider fully accepting/embracing and/or letting go...and in this, she was masterful.

Jennevieve’s questions prompted me to appraise my present relationship and desires and have led to even more fulfillment as well as more choices to cultivate and nourish relationships that are growth-ful, deepening and meet me where I’m at. For this, I’m extremely grateful. I most appreciate how comfortable it has been to share my vulnerabilities (and victories) in order to help inform these next steps. Instead of choosing from a place of fear, habit, complacence, or “settling,” I’ve emerged, after Jennevieve’s sessions, with a greater awareness, new perspectives, clear-minded, and with excitement about better choices and actions driven not from old stories no longer serving me, but a vision of worth and value that meets my desires. If you’re seeking a targeted, compassionate process to be a better friend, partner, and life-live-r, definitely call J. Like...now.”
— Bara S, Richmond
“This work is what I needed. It provided me a way to be open, honest and learn about myself and sensuality.”
—  -Lori Hines, Oakland, CA
“I have been looking for a great sensuality/sexuality teacher to help me get my pleasure and energy flowing. Jenneveive created such a magical, safe, educational space. I feel more passionate, open and alive. I am so grateful. Thank you!”
— Kim Avery, Richmond, CA