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   A Powerful Tool        For Modern                Women!



My name is Jennevieve Ybarra. I would love to share with you a little secret that has changed my life: the Jade Egg and Wand. I have been utilizing the Jade Egg Priestess Practices for several years and everything in my life has changed! It unlocked long held trauma, emotions and beliefs that had been stored in my body and it allowed me to open my heart to love and to be loved (by an incredible man), be more confident, feel healthier and sexier and raise my money glass ceiling.

The world's women are increasingly arriving at a state of curiosity about our sexuality, our wisdom, our embodiment, and our power. In this process of feminine awakening and as we become more and more aware of the necessity to take exquisite care of our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits in an increasingly complex world, many of us are looking to ancient maps of practices and philosophies to guide us in our modern journey. The Jade Egg practices are that map. We use ancient women's practices with modern woman practicality.

YES. Using the Jade Egg Priestess Practices has literally opened me up to more creativity, pleasure and abundance.

I feel more alive and connected to myself, to life and my partner. Before I started using the Jade Egg, I felt a disconnection to my body and life even though I had a yoga/meditation practice for 20 years. The Jade Egg taught me how to receive and that my body is the landing pad for my desires. For the first time, I felt what it was like to not look outside of myself for approval. I am Sovereign. And sovereignty is crucial to women's empowerment. It is having full autonomy and self-rule where you can have and create your life on your own terms guided and supported by your own ideals and values. You begin to deeply love yourself by loving yourself from the core being of who you are. Anything that is not yours begins to melt away. Using the Jade-Egg is a deep dive into the heart of the female body and the energies that define us as WOMAN. It can unlock long held emotions and stagnant energy and you will begin to show up differently in your relationships, life and work. We are all meant to be happy, in love and healthy! These things, the Jade Egg Priestess Practices can do for you too. I can't wait to share this ancient healing practice with you.

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Have You ever felt
any of these things?

  • You are not getting commitment from men?
  • You are not being heard or understood?
  • Shame and guilt around your sexuality?
  • Not sure which direction to take in life?
  • You are not connecting with your partner?
  • There is something more to your life, love and sexuality than you have experienced before?
  • You want to explore the depth of your yoniverse?
  • Sense of unworthiness and lack of self confidence?
  • That it is not easy for you to orgasm or that you want to expand your orgasmic potential?
  • Something is missing and you don't know what
  • Unhappy, bored or uninspired?
  • An armour around your heart?
  • You don't like your body? 
  • You have low energy and or low libido?

You do not have to feel like this any longer! YOU ARE IN
THE RIGHT PLACE. You Made it here for a reason.


We all deserve to have what we want in life and to be happy-that is why I am sharing the secrets of the Jade Egg with you in my online women's circle. Experience the alchemy for yourself. You will be grateful you did!

We are meant to be happy, in love, healthy, offer the best version of ourselves to the world, live a fully empowered and amazing life that is on purpose. The Jade-Egg and its practices are the key to unlocking all of this within yourself: your love, your wisdom, your truth, your sensuality, and happiness. It will open your heart, mind and soul to a whole new way of existing. This existence is about deeply connecting with yourself first. Deep self-love and self-intimacy is one of the most profound, humbling and beautiful experiences on the planet. 

Are you ready to dive into the depths of what is possible for you to live fully and freely?

What is a Jade/yoni egg???

The Jade Egg, or Yoni egg, is a small, very smooth, egg shaped crystal. It was used by high Priestesses in China over two thousand years ago. They used it to harness their sexual vitality and supercharge their energy and awaken spiritually.

It also strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor allowing women to fully harness their sexual power allowing them to remain healthy, strong and radiant into old age. The secret to longevity and beauty is fully activated sexual energy because sexual energy is life force. When harnessed fully by a woman, sexual energy can be transmuted in higher spiritual energy.


Some eggs are drilled in which there is a small hole in it. A string can be attached to the small hole for two purposes. One, so that it can easily be taken out. (You do not need the string to take it out, but it can give some women a sense of assurance that they can take it out at any time). The other is for use in more advanced exercises.

Jade is the most commonly used crystal for yoni eggs. Jade is an incredibly dense crystal, so it is completely non-porous making it the least susceptible to bacteria. All crystals have very strong qualities associated with them. Jade has the quality of compassion, sensuality and receivership.

How Does The Jade Egg Work?

In a loving, honoring, gentle way, you insert the Jade Egg into your vagina and then do simple exercises to build and ignite your sexual energy. If you do not feel comfortable with anything inside you, you can do the exercises without it and absolutely still gain the benefits. In building your sexual energy, you are ramping up your life force energy and creative energy. If you are shutdown or cutoff from it, you may feel numb, not experience your full potential, feel as if something is missing or you may feel some of those things mentioned above. Anyone can do these exercises and each teacher teaches the Jade Egg practices differently. The exercises I use are a combination of breath work, muscle squeezing, body movement and awareness focusing on very specific areas in your body along with mediations. What you put your attention on during these exercises is very important. Through intention, sexual energy can be channeled into any area of your life for healing or inspiration. Along with building energy, the practices release energy that is not yours such as old lovers, sexual and childbirth trauma. I have learned that in order to awaken our Shakti Power and ecstatically awaken our bodies and minds, we often need to do some initial deeper inner sexual healing. When regularly practicing and using the Jade Egg, life feels sensual, pleasurable and orgasmic. It gives a woman the experience of being connected to all of life. The Jade Egg can be worn throughout your day, while you sleep or just while doing practices.  

The Jade Egg activates the nerves in your vagina so that with all of your nerves fully activated, you will feel more alive, more receptive and feel spark to take action in your life. It can help you to increase your orgasmic potential because it resensitizes the vagina. Some women don't experience the full power of their orgasmic capacity. You will train your body and vagina to have orgasm through deep penetration and not just through the clitorus. You'll experience more pleasure and sexual experiences, experience sexual healing, and get to practice self love on a regular basis. Your life becomes more powerful because you are more powerfully YOU. 

The Benefits of the Jade Egg are plentiful. Here are some of them.....

  • Feel healthier
  • You"ll start loving your gorgeous self more and more
  • Helps you get in touch with your life’s purpose
  • Increases gratitude 
  • You get the feeling like you are one with the world
  • Improves your attitude
  • Discover latent talents
  • Increases your quality of life by increasing your ability to sense the amazing things around you
  • Helps you feel more connected to your life
  • You stop giving a shit what other people think of you
  • Reverses aging
  • Reduces stress
  • Remove blocks to money, love, and
    true freedom
  • Heal sexual trauma
  • Become magnetic 
  • Fall in love with yourself
  • strengthen pelvic floor
  • gain confidence
  • Increases the release of endorphins and
  • Release past energy from lovers in the
    most sacred part of you
  • Increases your level of self trust
  • Create healthy boundaries

The Yoni Egg Is Changing
Women's Lives!

Join The Jade Egg Alchemy & Initiation Online Women's Circle


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What's included?

  • This is a 7-week online course. All information is accessible online so you can take this course anywhere you live :)
  • Each week, you'll receive a video and or audio practice to do at home at your leisure and you can keep them forever. There is a total of 12.
  • There are 7 live calls with me, once a week for 7 weeks: These are not just any old calls—these are inspirational, motivational, life-changing experiences, where you can ask any questions at all about the course or sexuality in general. Women find these calls to be one of their favorite part of the whole course, surprisingly powerful and great for deeply connecting to like-minded sisters. These 7 live Q&A sessions with me during the course are recorded so you can catch it at any time.
  • Exclusive access to a members only private Facebook group community of women who are dedicated to living in their full expression and femininity. There is a lot to learn from other women also taking the course who are harnessing their sexual power to create more love, success, money and pleasure in the world. I have started sharing this magical journey with some women already and we are currently sharing there. It is a fabulous way for us to all stay connected while we are on this journey together.
  • Lifetime membership and access to all my future materials
  • Bonus material:
    • Video on a practice on how to release trauma. All women hold trauma in the womb and pelvic bowl. This video demonstrates a great go to to rid your body of trauma that we tend to accumulate quite easily. 
    • A Yoni Map to be used for Yoni Mapping Therapy. Our yoni has pressure points and places that correspond to what is going on in our life and body just like our hands and feet. 
    • Radical Self-Care list

The group calls will be Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. If you can't make the calls, they are recorded so you can listen to them at any time. Also, if you have a question, you can submit your question before the call and I will be sure to answer it on the call. 

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Most commonly asked questions

Q: What if I don't have time to do this? How long will it take me?

A: I know you’re busy and your time is very precious. And (with anything in life) the more time you put into this, the faster you’ll experience results. But honestly, if you schedule 15 minutes a day to do the exercises, it will already make a huge difference. Plus… this is not just some program that teaches you how to “exercise your vagina” or something. This program is about radical self-care and self-love and consciously setting aside some time for yourself. No matter how busy you are, you can do this and I promise you: You’re worth it. (And so are the results!!!)

Q: Do I have to have a partner to do this?

A: Nope. If you want to do this program with a partner, go ahead! That totally works. But if you prefer to do this on your own or you don’t have a partner, it won’t change anything. In fact: This program is designed just for you to get in touch with your feminine essence, explore your beautiful body and love every cell of it. And you don’t need a partner for any of the exercises, so you have nothing to worry about!

Q: What if I don't have a Jade Egg?

A: You can do the exercises without one or you can order a high quality Jade Egg from my site. You can purchase one here at: YONI SHOP.

You can even do the practice without using a Jade Egg or wand and still gain the benefits.

Q: How long do I have to finish the course?

A: The course is available to you forever! That gives you as much time as you like to embody these practices and make them your own. We also invite you to join all future live rounds of the course for free so that you can join the live Q&A and practice sessions again.

Q: I've Tried several programs like this before and they didn't work for me.....How do I know this is different

A: I hear you. There are alot of teachers and courses out there and it can be frustrating! But, I teach from experience and I simply know for a fact that if you’re willing to put in a couple of minutes a day to do the exercises, you WILL experience life-changing results. It’s my personal promise to you. And if – for any reason – you don’t think the program is right for you at this time, you have nothing to fear thanks to our no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. So you basically have 30 days to go through the entire program and THEN you get to decide whether it was worth your investment or you want your money back. You’re safe.


Do you still have questions?
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